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Heating furnace for aluminum / brass

Heating furnace for aluminum / brass

After trial operation and final tuning at customer, a unique furnace for preheating material before forging was put into operation in the first half of March.

The furnace is designed for die forges that process both aluminum and brass products.

Operating temperature range is therefore from 420 ° C to 850 ° C.

The two-chamber arrangement allows for products to be heated in one chamber and removed from the other for forging.

Production capacity of the device is:

  • Aluminum 60 kg per hour
  • Brass 150 kg per hour

Spatial temperature distribution with the chamber door closed is in temperature range

  • above 450 °C - 520 °C ± 7 °C
  • above 750 °C - 820 °C ± 5 °C

Specially developed burner system equipped with secondary combustion air and combustion burner chamber distribution ensure perfect temperature distribution in the furnace work space.

Furnace is equipped with PLC from company B&R and a unique control system developed by our company for this application.

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